About Us


Our story

Our founder's passion for hand crafted goods and her wanderlust spirit led to the birth of this unique brand. During the Covid-19 Pandemic she wanted to find a way to share her photography around the world to liven up every space and place during a time of uncertainty. She realized that she could use her childhood love for handmade candles as the catalyst into making her dream a reality. Every candle in each collection is lovingly designed and handcrafted by her. The photos displayed on the labels are meticulously shot and chosen for their ability to invoke feelings of positivity, wellness and adventure in an artistic way.

Mission & Vision Statement

Our purpose is to bring the beauty of art, travel and fragrance to your everyday life. With each Obtuse candle, we aim to ignite a sense of wanderlust and appreciation for the world's wonders. We want our creations to spark not only delightful fragrances but also precious memories of distant shores and experiences, reminding you that every day is an opportunity for a new adventure even in the comfort of our own homes.